Friday, July 22, 2011

My first blog

Hello folks.  People have told me I should start a blog.  I was hesitant about doing it because nothing really goes on in my life worth writing about and I don't want the world to know what goes on in my life.  But for some reason, I find myself being drawn in to the idea of blogging. So, here it is.

     Today we went to get the sonogram of our first little one that's in the oven.  We're not going to know the sex of it until it's brought into the world on December 12th.  Yes, that's right after the SEC Championship game in Atlanta and well before the actual bowl season begins.  We didn't plan it that way, but the due date just fell in just right.  I asked the doctor if he recommends traveling before the dues date. Being 5 days out from the due date and being an Auburn grad, our doctor said he would recommend going.  He also added that he didn't have to worry about going himself because of the predicted outcome of Auburn's 2011 season.  Still on the baby subject....I'm refinishing two pieces of furniture to go in the little one's room.  I'm glad I watched the Karate Kid back in 1984.  Mr Miyagi's tips on sanding, painting and catching flies with chopsticks really pay off.  That's going slow because I'm not a big fan ninety-five degrees outside with eighty percent humidity, so sanding and painting time is early in the mornings.   I'm being inspired by Ginger's great friend who refinishes furniture.  She does great work and it'll be hard to mimic what she creates.

   I ventured outside my usual Boston Butt and sauce recipe that my father used for eons.  A cousin of mine gave up his recipe to family members recently so I decided to try it today.  I haven't decided if I will take it to work tomorrow and let my coworkers be guinea-pigs (no pun intended). Its like I really need to eat pork considering I just had my annual physical recently at work.  Its good that my employer is now providing a yearly physical.  I wasn't too thrilled about the six words the doctor told me...."place your elbows on the table."  All I could think about was the movie Fletch and the children's book author William Babar...Mooooooonriver!  That doctor told me to drop ten pounds, get my HDL down and LDL up and my thyroid is out of whack.  I guess that explains why I've been  tired ever since I quit drinking anything with caffeine earlier in the year. So now Im on Synthroid for the rest of my life and should resume my active life once this crap kicks in.

That's it for today. Peace out.

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  1. This could be the greatest blog ever. Or the worst. It's all up to you, Ed. No pressure or anything.